Society is interesting due to it's variety. "Shut up", "play the game", "be like everyone else", "cut your hair", "get a suit".
I could even get a job at Canary Wharf, a breeding ground for those with a fetish for penguins.

PENGUINS? Yeah, the ones with the white shirts, black suits, and the yellow ties.
I could even swan around thinking that, somehow, my bank balance is a reflection on me as a person...

A few more zeros in a banking database is not a reflection on you as an individual, it just means there's some zeros somewhere in a database.
You surely would understand that, whilst screaming at the IT guy over your ineptitude to turn the computer off and on again.
Maybe the more money you have, the harder it would be for you to buy back your soul?

Why not claim your position is your own making, public school education, family support, no idea of the suffering you cause by voting for the tory party.
In your mind you've "made it", despite having no one you trust, no rapport in the coffee shops where you scream at the attendant who would probably like to poison your coffee next time.

Nothing but pissing it away in a care home, screaming abuse at the staff who wish you a timely death.

Go to investor meetings to get someone bribing the government for contracts for loose change, in their mind. Sell out to someone who has done no work, but now owns 40% of your company when all he's done is clock your good idea, and think he can work with you, 20 minutes max on his part.
Great, you're a millionaire now, whilst the investor screws everyone for as much as they can using your idea, but don't dare criticize their shady deals with weapons manufacturers.
End up on cloud in some post life dimension, sit next to a Palestinian child bombed by a missile with the wealth of some stranger you contributed to, questioning your complicity with a completely unjust system.

Businessmen sometimes donate to political parties, for more business, more cash, play the game, look like a mormon, shiny teeth from private dental care, and Armani suit, a tie many would like to hang you from.
It's standard, it's the way it is, never mind the backs broken in attaining it.
One day we'll be dead, we don't take money to the grave with us. If my comments offend you, that's your problem, not mine.
Maybe I'm using my influence as other's do, except, unlike most, it's not about more cash than others would have in several lifetimes.

So you're an investor, you have millions, no short change to you, 20K for 40% of an idea. You help people right, they've made it, in many people's eyes .. but so have you, subject to status, terms and conditions ...
I'd rather sell my soul personally, all your startups have, at least, to what they believe in eh?
If we don't stand for what we believe in... there's no point.

Normality will be resumed soon, now claim you're cool by owning a Nirvana album, without understanding the track "In bloom".