Money 💰

I've heard a few people say "I have x houses, this much money ..."

Great 🙄 can you buy me a drink then.

Your wealth is not a statement of yourself as a person, it's an indication of your bank account, and nothing more.

Here's where it falls apart for me, I'd (hope) you're not into the process of screaming at people in coffee shops, that you treat those around you with decency.

Getting goods made in developing countries where people have to make our clothes as they can't read, you ok by that?

The Dhaka warehouse fire link

Death toll as half of those who died in the twin towers, but hai, it's cash right.

They do have fire escapes now... bit late for everyone 6ft underground now though.

For me personally, I could shut up, play the game, buy a suit, and smile with business practices I fine reprehensible.

Part of the premise of brexit was that we're slaving away and someone from abroad has a house.

People in the UK on low wages are taking second jobs to make ends meet.

At the same investors take a cut of 40% on in a pitch from someone, earning millions from, basically 5 minutes work.

I don't know if the current system was designed this way, or just came into being. Either way, the rich get richer, the poor get poorer.

I'm part of this system, I get that, but why should I feed it? Why sell copyright on ideas to someone more concerned with more money over people's suffering.

why be bound to the terms and conditions of someone who does?

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