A bit off key but here we go ...

The question I'm asking is what is the difference between what we know to be true, what is untrue, and what is a matter of belief?

Here's a thought experiment, without (in my mind) an objective answer.

It's an app which produces numbers and letters.

The question is? Do these numbers and letters have meaning?

some people will see something relevant to their lives, at this point in time, and say, "yeah, that relates to me, this chaos has a meaning"

Others will say, "nah, it's seeing patterns in randomness".

Who can claim to be right here?

In my mind, no one can. It's a matter of opinion, but then, maybe so is everything?

There's almost 8Bn people on this planet ...

Which god is real? Do they exist? What colour socks go with these trousers, does capitalism benefit us all?

There's opinions, no one is right, and everything is a belief, and I might be wrong?

To me, is there an objective truth, or are we working on belief, and motivation?

Motivation, that can be good or bad, but people define these differently, can we class these as "in / not in / against your own interests".

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Rob Brew.