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Rob Brew: CEO

Company ethos:

We need cash in a global society. I fully accept that, otherwise I'd be going to McDonald's with 2 pigs in exchange for a year's happy meals.

At what point does our desire for more wealth start impacting other's though? When we start getting our goods built in countries with records of human rights abuses have we gone too far?

I'm trying to be an ethical businessman. I do want profit, and financial security, who doesn't? Beyond that what more do I need?

If I have enough to live comfortably, that's all I want.

When asked "what is my message / purpose", by a friend, my reply was "to use my influence". This can be through ideas as well as using financial wealth.

Ideas are influence, money is influence too. We want it, who doesn't? but we want it for other's as well as ourselves.

Maybe I poorly titled my editorial with the title "it's not about the money". It's about how we use our wealth for other's as much as how we use it for ourselves.

London business matters editorial